Revolutionizing web app development


Vizii is a web-based application that compiles and shows the analytics of your cloud accounting software.

It ends the hassle of analyzing data from difficult accounting software yourself. Here are some key features that make it unavoidable:

  • Expenses Analytics: Gain deep insights into business expenses across departments, locations, and projects, tailored for all staff.
  • Management Reporting: Effortlessly export and share expense management reports, providing clear and compelling insights into business results.
  • Paid vs Unpaid Invoices: Easily filter and track paid and unpaid supplier invoices, minimizing communication gaps between users and accountants.
  • Suppliers Visibility: Get a comprehensive overview of department, location, and project suppliers, enabling better spending analysis and decision-making.
  • Bills (Invoices) Access: Access and view invoices directly from Vizii, eliminating the need for finance system access and providing full visibility into past and present invoices by supplier.