Revolutionizing web app development 


Evaluations have become more accessible and impactful with the integration of technology. 

  • Instant Display: Evaluation results can be quickly showcased on screens during events or shared on social media platforms and client websites, providing real-time feedback.
  • Mobile Scanning: Attendees can conveniently scan evaluations using their smartphones, making it effortless to provide feedback for events, conferences, and training sessions.
  • Interactive Presentations: Evalu serves as a clicker, allowing presenters to engage the audience by posing interactive questions and displaying attendees’ responses on the presentation screen in real-time.
  • Social Media Influence: With social media’s rising significance as a marketing tool, Evalu enables sellers to enhance their online reputation through reviews and ratings, attracting new clients.
  • Quick and Easy Feedback: Customers can swiftly evaluate any service by scanning a QR code on their smartphones, facilitating seamless feedback for various scenarios, such as training sessions or client interactions.