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Retail Point of Sale System

Point of sale system for retail stores, stalls, beauty salons and more

EuSopht POS - Everything your Shop Needs

Eusopht POS is beautifully crafted application packed with tons of features like inventory, sales, purchase, customers, payments and much more. It’s extremely flexible and smart to adjust according to your precise need.

Multi Store Management

Integrated solution to manage multiple stores through single access point. Eusopht POS provides you the flexibility to pre-configure your franchises/ stores, overview their sales, and centrally manage their stock and accounting. Each store gets separate login credentials to manage th stocks and invoices.

Customer Profiling

Register your customers to keep track of their buying habits and to keep them happy. To keep your loyal customers coming back, you can identify trends, shopping habits and products they mostly spend on to get them back into your store.<br /> Register your business customers and give them invoices instantly. Thsi whole process is now Fast and automated through EuSopht POS.

Online Accessibility

Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection and keep all the data on cloud. Access the POS from anywhere you want. The solution is compatible with all new device screens and shows the real time data even if you are not in store. Even your device is lost, the POS data will always be secured on Cloud storage. Our team can also provide the data backups or request.

Integrated Payment Gateways

EuSopht POS allows users to take payments for purchased product on the sales floor as well as it can be taken at the cash register. Through cloud-based POS, you can easily access mobile payments anywhere within your store to simply reduce wait times at checkout. All the cards, bills, and coins are acceptable, so you can accept any of these payment methods to offer complete flexibility to your consumers.

Data Analytics & Reporting

See real time informative dashboard to assess Sales, Stock and Outstanding summary. Unique filters can help you customize your report based on date, customer group as well as product base. No matter if you are in-store or on the go, with EuSopht cloud-based POS you will never lose a single sight of your numbers and your data. All reports are exportable to PDF, Excel and even in the form of API for integration with BI Tools.

APIs for ERP and CRM integrations

Is your organization running an ERP or CRM and thinking of integrating retail stores with the main centralized system? EuSopht provides you all the options of integration either through APIs or data exportation to any desired format. Our technical team can be contacted anytime for APIs and documentation. To keep your organization centrally tracked, you surely need EuSopht to help you reaching your business goals seamlessly.

Customize as per Need

Each business has a unique way of organizing the workload and reporting. Our cloud based POS solution has a dedicated in-house team to look into your needs and customize the software accordingly. Flows like Refund, Adjustments, vendor management, Ledgers are completely customizable to meet your needs. Personalized dashboard, promotions, email campaigns, can be added in your POS.

Real Time Technical Support

Facing any difficulty in using the system or getting stuck at some point with no clue how to move forward? Our Support team is just one call away. If, in case, you don’t have time for a call, simply send us an email or a message in the chat and our agent will be all there to answer all your questions. All of your requests and tickets will remain saved in our system; thus, we can always find best solutions for you.

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