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Evalu - Evaluate on the Go

Businesses are competing for repeat and loyal customers; Evalu App can help you gather Feedbacks, Reviews and Rating using smartphones.

Evalu gathers user or participants’ response reflecting their likes and dislikes for the services received Simple Hassle Fee real time Evaluation on the spot. Evalu helps you Understand and Delight your Customers

Stock Highlights

Stock highlights is the stock live trend checker application which is integrated with hundreds of stock market APIs of various stock exchanges/ companies. It displays country wise trend of the stock listed companies. APIs fetches the real time data and app interfaces display it in interactive graphs and charts.

Application is developed on Java language and is available for Android phone users.

Fast Deals

Feast deal is android based B-2-C store for buying and selling of house hold stuff. Sellers can add products and set prices while buyers can sort/filter the selective products and make an online order. Overall, this app covers all basic requirements of an online e-commerce with the flexibility to add more complex scenarios as per the requirement.

Application is developed on Java language and is available for Android phone users.

Cedar College LMS

Cedar is an in-app LMS system for students to get their course material files and class notifications on time. App is integrated with back-end school system and provides real time information regarding class, lectures and course material.

Rent Limo

Rent Limo is a car booking application where users can view multiple rental options based on the ratings of registered rental companies and book the cars online or can send an inquiry to company. Rental companies can create accounts using application and display their available cars with variable costing sheets.

Application is developed on Java language and is available for Android phone users.


Qalam is designed to facilitate writing, saving and sharing messages in Urdu spoken on a smart phone. The writings will be in available font. Qalam is particularly useful for languages where letters of any given word are joined to one another in a continuous flowing line like in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

Messages can be spoken in any language in the world and shared using the common message sharing tools.

Covid - 19

Covid – 19 Doctor booking app is designed to facilitate the patients to have an online assessment of their illness using this application. Patients can easily navigate through the app to look for their particular need and can send a booking request to respective doctor. Integrated back-end receives the request and display it to doctor’s dashboard for necessary action.

Application is designed and developed on React Native language and is available for both Android and iOS phones.


Khanqah E Aarifi – App specifically designed for the followers of a religious personality to help them Listen to live Bayanat/ Majalis/ Zikr and other events. The audio live streaming feature is embedded and the Push Notification option helps to keep the followers informed about the activities.

Application is developed on Hybrid platform Apache Cordova and is available for both Android and iOS phones.